AUTOGATE has been manufacturing turnstiles in a variety of configurations for over 30 years.

These turnstiles have a wide range of applications for high security and high volume access control. Available in a range of colours with an option to match corporate colour schemes.

The stainless steel arms do not tarnish or scratch and the high quality finish will withstand continuous and prolonged use even in hostile environments.

The Autogate turnstile mechanism is extremely robust and has been designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials providing many years of trouble free service. Tests have shown the heads are mechanically indestructible.

How it works

Customer approaches the Turnstile at the entrance

Customer inserts coin into coin acceptor

Turnstile electronically unlocks

Customer enters facility via the Turnstile

Turnstile automatically locks behind the customer

Entry is granted to one customer per coin

Customer proceeds to the same Turnstile to exit

Customer unlocks the Turnstile via a push button

Customer exits and Turnstile locks automatically


A reduction in waste – water, soaps and toilet paper

A reduction in vandalism

A recovery of operational and maintenance costs

Restores overall hygiene, cleanliness and appearance

A safer environment


Coin Operated Turnstiles Brochure