AUTOGATE manufactures special needs gates in a variety of configurations.

These special needs gates enable access for wheelchairs furniture etc. that cannot gain access though a turnstile.

Available in a range of colours with an option to match corporate colour schemes.

The toughened glass infill compliments the high quality finish and withstands continuous and prolonged use in low traffic flow situations.

AUTOGATE special needs gates are designed to provide many years of maintenance-free service.

special needs gates allow

Time and attendance monitoring/staff control

Counting facility which can be remotely monitored

Ticket sales verification

Coupling to metal detector alarm – emergency lock up

Positive locking

Ideal for use in

All high profile corporate entrances

Public institutions

Sports facilities for members

Office blocks


Allows passage in both directions

Available in full height and half height versions

Gates can be motorised or manually operated

Allows passage for wheelchairs

Compatible with all access control systems

Limits access to authorised persons only

Optional electronic random search facility for theft control

Can be configured to open automatically during power failures or fire conditions

Stainless Steel or powder coated mild steel housing with toughened glass infill

Silent trouble free operation

Passage frequency ±5 persons per minute

Technical Specifications

Power supply : AC 220V single phase

Pulse time : 0.2 – 0.75 seconds potential free contacts

Current draw : < 1.0 amp while running

Auto-reverse when obstacle detected

Suitable for low frequency of operations

Compatible with all access control equipment

Main shaft supported on roller bearings on both ends

Free-standing unit which bolts down onto floor

Frame brushed stainless steel or powder coated mild steel with safety glass infill

GUARANTEE : 12 months unconditional and irrespective of usage level, which includes parts and labour

Special Needs Gates Brochure