AUTOGATE has been manufacturing vehicle access control booms and spike barriers in a variety of configurations for over 30 years.

These booms and barriers have a wide range of applications for vehicle access and traffic flow control. Housings are available in a range of colours with an option to match corporate colour schemes.

Spike barriers can be retro-fitted to our booms to provide additional security.

The powder coated stainless steel housing and the high quality finish will withstand continuous and prolonged use in hostile environments

Booms Allow :

Vehicle access control

Unmanned secure entrances

Options – Boom traffic signs and traffic lights

automatic boom specifications


Servo – 70 watt continuous,

Heavy Duty – 0.37kW TEFC motor with soft start control


Servo – Helical gearbox integrated with motor,

Heavy Duty – Direct coupled oil filled worm drive gearbox


Servo – Fixed ± 3.1 sec,

Heavy Duty – Selectable on inverter between 2.5 – 3.5 secs.

MECHANISM : Crank arm and connecting rod producing, sinusoidal motion control

CASING : Stainless steel, powder coated , (IP55 enclosure for controls).

BOOM POLE: 76mm x 1mm diameter aluminium

STOP / NO ENTRY : Road ordinance compliant 450mm dia.

ENTRY SIGNS: Reflective signs available.


Surface mounted spike barriers can be coupled with automatic booms

Available in lengths from 2.0m to 6.0m

Poles can have jack knife kits where height is limited

Poles can be Red & White or Yellow & Black striped

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

Compatible with all access control systems

Limits access to authorised vehicles only

Can be configured to auto close after vehicles

Stainless steel, powder coated housing for maximum corrosion protection

Can have safety loops and/or beams to prevent boom closing on a vehicle

Silent trouble-free operation

Passage frequency ±15 vehicles per minute

Barrier options

SPIKE BARRIER : Can be retro-fitted to our auto booms, coupled directly to the barrier

TRAFFIC LIGHTS : Various configurations of traffic lights can be fitted

RANDOM SEARCH : Facility for searching controlled by electronics – removes human element

COUNTER : Counters can be fitted to established the volume of boom operations

JACK KNIFE FIT : Can be fitted to poles to accommodate height limitations

TRAFFIC SIGNS : “Stop” and/or “NO ENTRY” signs can be attached to boom poles

BOOM SKIRTS : Skirts can be attached to the underside of boom poles



Vehicle Barriers 220 V Brochure